Maya Contact lenses is the best color and medical lenses in the Middle East

who we are ?

We are the first Arab company in trading and distribution of contact lenses

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Maya colored Contact Lenses is one of the famous lenses brands that combine the quality of Korean industry with colors that suit the modern spirit of Arab women
The colored lenses offered by Maya Lenses suit all tastes and trends of fashion that the Arab woman loves.

We at Maya Lenses are proud to serve our customers in the following arab countries :

Kingdom of Bahrain - United Arab Emirates - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Arab Republic of Egypt


Where our lenses is being manufacutred?

We often receive this question on our social media pages. Maya lenses are made in Korea - like most famous lenses brands -  But our headquarter is located in the Kingdom of Bahrain. 

We are one of the famous online stores that offer a great variety of lenses colors and we happily eliver it to our dear customers in most Arab countries.


Why choose Maya lenses?

Maya brings out the charm and attractiveness of an Arab woman's eyes

A group of colors and designs to suit the colors of the Arab girl skin selected by the most famous cosmetic experts and a large lens lens stands out


Maya keeps the eye vibrant

Because it allows oxygen to pass naturally to the tissues of the eye, and thus prevent some inconvenience and discomfort felt by the use of lenses, especially when use it for the first time.

Maya lenses keeps a shine and whites of the eye

It has a protective layer that reduces eye irritation and redness during sun exposure.

Maya increases your passion for wearing lenses

Because it will enhance the moisture of your eyes and the presence of a layer on the surface of the lens increases the smooth movement of tears under the lens, unlike many other lenses that cause the emergence of pigments in the inner surface of the lens and cause impeding the movement of tears and thus a burning sensation and dryness of the eye, which causes aversion to wear the lens and make her color is red.


What Colors do Maya Lenses provides ?

We at provide you a great variety of colors selected to suit the taste and nature of the Arab woman, you can choose between these wonderful colors:

Caramel lenses (caramel gray)
Ice gray colored lenses
Natural Gray colored lense
Hazel Contact Lenses - Hazelnut color
Honey colore lenses
Brown lenses
Ice Blue Contact Lenses (Light Blue or Ice Blue)
Gray color contact lenses
Green Gray Contact Lenses
Light Cafe Color Lenses

Maya lenses colores

Find out all the colors of the lenses that we offer you from here ..


Our Story

Maya Lenses is not just a medical or a colored contact lens, it is a combination of the experience and the quality of the Korean manufactoring and the spirit of Arab women and its orientation to modern elegance.

In a short while Maya lenses became one of the most famous contact lenses brands in the Arab region

We guarantee to all our customers throughout Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia that our brand ( Maya Lenses - عدسات مايا ) offer a genuine product free of defects at a very competitive price and unparalleled quality .

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