available colores of maya contact lenses


At first you should know that no one color is considered the best ..
It really depends on many factors , and determining which contact lens color you prefer is based on three main things:

  • your skin color
  • The color of your original eyes
  • Color the clothes and accessories you wear


How do you choose the right color for you based on your skin color?

You are often confused while choosing the right color that suits your skin tone. Therefore, at Maya Lenses we will help you choose the right color based on your skin color:

First if your skin color is light (or you use a make-up that makes your skin very light)

In this case, any colored contact lenses will be suitable for you.

But the following colors have proven to be the best colors consistent with light-skinned or white women:

  • The blue color in all shades will be great for you
  • Gray colors in all shades are suitable for you.
  • The color is purple
  • Turquoise color

But generally as we said, any color you choose will look beautiful and dazzling on you if you are a light skined


Second, the owners of the skin or wheat skin near the color brown

If you have medium or wheat tone of skin colore, you need bright and light colors in order to protrude your eyes more and should be more shine than your skin

The colors we recommend are:

  • Sapphire
  • Creamy
  • All grayscale

And you should stay completely away from turquoise and marine colors generally like blue and its grades

This does not apply if you use a foundation that causes your skin to lighten

In this case you can apply what we advised by the light skinned women that we mentioned above.


Third, if you have dark skin

You can use a variety of colors depending on the effect you want to achieve If you want to appear sexy and attractive you can choose colors such as light violet or Venice
If you want to look calm and beautiful and charming, the best color for you is honey and light shades of gray
But generally stay away from hot colors such as pink, water and orange brown because it will not be beautiful for the color of your skin

Choosing the best contact lens color based on your original eye color

The original eye color is among the factors that determine the right color for you.

1 - If the color of your eyes ranges between Hazel and green, you can choose a variety of colors without adhering to a certain color as most of the colors, especially light ones will be wonderful and attractive to you

2 - If the original color of your eyes is blue, you can give it more splendor and beauty by choosing light colors such as ice blue and ice gray and gray degrees

3 - As for the owners of the eye color brown and dark brown it is better to choose vivid colors such as green and hazelnut


Choose the right color lenses based on the color of the clothes and make-up

Many women do not know this but the color of the lenses if it is in line with the color of your clothes and compatible with the colors of your make up the result will be impressive.

Of course this is not a requirement but if the color of the lenses is close to the color of clothing and accessories you will see the result in the dazzle around you.

For the make-up color, the most important thing is that the eye shadow is close to the color of the lens


This was our attempt to help you choose the right lense color for you..

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