Tips you should consider about using adhesives


We at Maya Contact Lenses keeps good care of your eye health and comfort, so we have prepared this file for the most important tadvices and tips  that you should consider while using contact lenses, whether colored lenses or medical lenses.


We are answering  questions that being send to us on this page :  Frequently asked questions about contact lenses.


Attention to hygiene

Cleanliness is very important in all matters related to eye contact lenses in general .. Wash your hands always before touchs lenses, and regularly clean the box for storing lenses every period, and keep clean solution for cleaning.
For example, do not leave the lens cleaning liquid exposed to contaminants that may be stuck in the atmosphere.


Times of wearing lenses and times of dislocation

As mentioned in the most common question about lenses , you must avoid wearing lenses while you sleep.Also, it is best not to be exposed to too high heat or exposure to fire directly (such as getting too close to campfire or standing in front of the oven and stove directly) while wearing the lenses.

When using make-up, you should put the lenses first before anything in the makeup, and when you remove the makeup wash your hands first and then you remove the lenses and then remove the rest of the make-up - meaning that the lenses worn first before the makeup and remove first before removing the makeup.


Observe the validity period of the lenses

Also, you should know that not all lenses have a single shelf life, there are lenses for one day use only and there are lenses that can be used for a whole year.
You should make sure that you will not wear contact lenses after the expiry of the period to preserve your eye from any complications that may cause harm .


Buy lenses from famous brands

Never hesitate to search for the best contact lenses brands, although the lenses of famous brands such as Maya lenses are more expensive than popular types of lenses, but expensive lenses are made of high quality materials and got additional layers to maintain the eye (beside Of course it is more beautiful in shape)
Using cheap, popular lenses can hurt your eyes.  Learn about the advantages of Maya Lenses and how it protects your eyes .



Choose lenses that best fit with your eye type !

Yes ! There are different types of eyes, there is a narrow and wide eye and there is a sensitive eye

Sensitive eye:

If you have a sensitive lens and you feel irritation, redness and the desire to rub the eye without any reason or light exposure to the cataract, you should pay close attention to the quality of the lenses that you wear, do not wear cheap popular lenses and always make sure to clean the lenses and clean your hands when using lenses.

Wide eye:

If you are the owner of the wide eye, make sure to use thin and thin lenses, because the use of thick lenses will make the shape of the eye abnormal and make it stand out from the eye and its appearance is not cute



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