Can I sleep while wearing Contact lenses ?

The answer is no. You should always take off contact lenses of any kind before bedtime

This does not apply to Maya lenses only or color lenses only

All eye contact lenses should be removed before bedtime and placed in their detergent solution during sleep


How do I differentiate between original lenses and imitation ?

You can distinguish between fake and original lenses as follows:

Country of origin

For each brand or lens brand there is a country of origin (the country in which the lens was made). .
Of course, if the name of the manufacturing country is not written on the box, do not buy it because it is certainly imitated and not original.


Lens shape and packaging

In the case of the original lenses, the lens itself is light and thin so that it can actually be cut off between your hands, but if it is imitated, it will be thick and solid and feels like glass or plastic.

The central circle - the center of the lens The place of the pupil is in the original lenses smaller, but in the imitation is the center of the lens is wide and when wearing it is abnormal shape.

Besides the original brand name is usually engraved or engraved on the package.


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