First, what are contact lenses ?

Contact lenses from Maya lenses are lenses placed directly on the surface of the eye and have two types:

Medical lenses

Used as an alternative to ordinary glasses for the purpose of correction of vision or to treat many problems related to vision and eyes such as ( farsightedness - myopia known as astigmatism - and cases of hyperopia associated with aging ) - and many other cases that use ordinary glasses to treat.

Many people now prefer to use medical lenses as a substitute for glasses because of their advantages. you can know more about  advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses and the difference between medical lenses and glasses .

Cosmetic lenses

Cosmetic lenses are colored lenses used to change the color of the eye and make its appearance more spacious and beautiful.

Colored lenses may have medicinal properties - menas a colored lense can be medical also - and may be for cosmetic purposes only and have no medical need.

Learn more about contact lenses and their types here - Wikipedia

Why Maya lenses brand should be your first choice ?

For those looking for a bold and beautiful look, Maya Lenses is the best lenses for your eyes that make your look look great and reflect your self-confidence.

This is because the Maya Lenses brand combines the quality of the industry with the quality of raw materials used in the manufacture of the lense, and the wonderful colors beautiful women are looking for

It reflect their desire to follow the latest fashion, in addition, our lenses achieve maximum comfort for your eyes .


مميزات عدسات مايا لينسز


Our compamny has taken it upon itself to adhere to specific and strict standards in order to achieve the maximum aspiration in lenses you wear :

  • It Keep your eyes healthy: by giving your eyes the greatest chance of getting the oxygen needed for their health.
  • Clear Vision: Provides a clear view of the eyes, whether in medical lenses or cosmetic lenses.
  • Provides protection layer: to protects your eyes from UV rays. 
  • Made from high-quality materials: soft, luxurious materials that provide all-day comfort . 
  • Carefully selected designs and colors - unique designs and colors every Arab woman is looking for .

Maya Lenses Company is a leading company in optics and contact lenses, providing women with the most beautiful color lenses and medical lenses as well.

We are proud to serve our customers all over the Gulf countries and Egypt.

We won the admiration of all cusromers and became one of the best contact lenses brands in Middle East .

Learn more about Maya lenses and the colors available in Maya lenses


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